"Who Lurks, brings traitor mechanism from board games to touchscreens."

"It's clear that there's more to the game than the traitor mechanism"

"The problem with bringing a traitor mechanism game to mobile has always been that it works best when everyone is in the same room. Developer Hybrid Humans is going to try to debunk that with their latest, an original party game called Who Lurks"

Pocket Tactics

"The game does include missions for players to enjoy alone, and completing them does unlock other content within the game, the crux of it is when you have a group of friends, as the game accommodates three to six players at a time."

Droid Gamers

"Who Lurks, a one-of-a-kind party game of deception"

Gaming Cypher

"Players will gather 3-6 of their closest friends, enemies, or frenemies for a test of wit, memory, and reflexes to bring the Alien out of hiding before it is too late."

Fanboy Nation

"A new role playing game surfaced on the Google Play Store recently, and it’s actually quite intriguing. Who Lurks is a role playing Sci-Fi board game, well, in a way, which is exactly what makes it interesting"

Android Headlines

"From Shadows Over Camelot, to Battlestar Galactica,  games in which one or more players are actively trying to screw over the other players are awesome. [...] a digital hidden-role game joined the fray as Who Lurks made its way to both iOS and Android devices."

Pocket Tactics

"Who Lurks is a local multiplayer-focused party game with a science fiction setting and a focus on deception. That might make it entirely unique on the Play Store, something that's become increasingly rare these days."

Android Police

 "Hybrid Humans has created an original social digital board game app called Who Lurks."

App Addict

"The thought of playing such a game online doesn't do a lot for me, as part of the fun is watching your friends and trying to determine who's the big fat liar. Who Lurks is a new title that avoids that issue by having everyone play in the same room." 

Board Game Geek

"A good meatspace party game is hard to find...but Who Lurks ticks all the right boxes. It's kind of like Clue mixed with John Carpenter's "The Thing"."